Our Pastors

Victory Overcomers' Christian Church

Adrian & April Lemons


Introducing Adrian R. Lemons Sr., he is the devoted husband of April A. Lemons and the proud father of Destiny, Makaylah, Adrian Jr., and Adrianna.
Pastor Adrian's journey into ministry began in 2010 when he embraced his calling wholeheartedly. Delivering his first sermon at New Hope Christian Church in Ansbach, Germany marked the initiation of a transformative chapter. Guided by the late Bishop Percy Wilson Jr., Pastor Adrian received his ministerial license.
During his tenure at New Hope, he diligently served as the Youth Director and Associate Pastor, demonstrating commendable commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of the congregation, particularly the youth.
Relocating to Junction City, Kansas, Pastor Adrian and his family joined the vibrant community at Manhattan Christian Fellowship Church. Under the leadership of Bishop Darryl and First Lady Regina Martin, he continued to make a significant impact as the Youth Director and Associate Pastor.
Currently, Pastor Adrian has embarked on a new chapter as the Founder of Victory Overcomers' Christian Church, a faith community focusing on equipping individuals for the meaningful work of the Kingdom.
Beyond his roles in ministry, Pastor Adrian is recognized for his dedication to family and community. His passion for empowering people spiritually aligns with the mission of Victory Overcomers' Christian Church, creating a place where individuals find support, guidance, and a deeper connection with their faith.
Joining him on this impactful journey is Pastor April Lemons, an exceptional individual with a 20-year military service history, showcasing dedication and honor through five deployments. In 2010, she became the Youth Minister and financial accountant at New Hope Christian Church in Ansbach, Germany, contributing not only to financial health but also nurturing the spiritual growth of the youth community.
April's commitment to youth ministry continued in Manhattan, Kansas, where, alongside her husband, Pastor Adrian Lemons, she served as a Youth Minister at Manhattan Christian Fellowship Church, fostering a vibrant and supportive environment for local youth.
In 2017, April took a significant step in her spiritual journey, obtaining her Pastor's license under the guidance of Bishop Darryl Martin, preparing her for the leadership role she would later assume.
The Lemons duo reached a new milestone in 2020, founding Victory Overcomers' Christian Church. April now serves as the Co-Pastor and Founder, contributing to a church that has become a beacon of hope and strength. Her leadership, shaped by military discipline and diverse pastoral experiences, inspires the Victory Overcomers' community toward spiritual growth and triumph.
April Lemons' story, marked by years of service, leadership roles, and a Pastor's license under Bishop Darryl Martin, exemplifies a life devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Together with Pastor Adrian, their journey reflects dedication, resilience, and a profound commitment to both country and faith.